Get Flat Belly Within 30 Days

In this article we are going to talk about the exercise called Plank that will strengthen the external muscles on the back and will melt the excess fat from the stomach, as well as the muscles of the arms, legs and buttocks.

Get Flat Belly Within 30 Days

Although this exercise seems simple at first sight, it is not. It works in a way that you need to hold the initial position of push-ups. This way the muscles contract same as when you do push-ups, but in fact they neither get bigger nor small, but become more resilient and are getting deeply strengthened.

The most important thing for doing this exercise correctly is the correct initial position. When you lift your body, while relying on the toes and elbows, the important thing is for the upper body to be in a flat line all the time.

Try to equally divide the pressure on the legs and elbows. This way you will get extra balance and will tense the muscles of the buttocks.

Once you master the plank position all that is left to do is challenge yourselves to endure more and more during this challenge that lasts 30 days.

Start with 20 seconds the first day. Gradually increase the time as the days go by.

In addition, watch the video, it will be very useful.

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