Regarding on the condition and appearance of our hair, shows whether we legitimately encouraged and solid, it is essential to remember that it is untimely silver hair a great deal more than stylish concerns.
It can draw our attention to serious deficiencies in the diet and give us an indication of future disease. Did you know that there is a way to slow down the growth of gray hair and that you can return the natural color of your hair?


Let’s start with a scientific explanation: Scientists have explained the cause of gray hair – melanin responsible for the production of stem cells contained in each follicle. Depending on our genetic predisposition, these cells begin to produce less pigment as we age, which eventually results in gray hair.
Traditional Chinese medicine explains that the reasons for gray hair far deeper than simple genetic heritage.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the quality of the blood and kidney health is reflected in the strength, color and condition of our hair.
Foods that strengthen the blood and kidneys are chlorophyll, sugar molasses, black sesame seeds, hijiki seaweed, nettle, and especially wheatgrass. Chinese medicine recommended avoiding the use of dairy products, meat and salt.
Premature gray hair can indicate a disorder of the thyroid gland. Lack of vitamin B5, B6 and B12, then anemia. The lack of these vitamins and minerals is often associated with poor absorption due to problems arising from Crohn’s disease, bacterial overgrowth in the gut.
The lack of an adequate vitamin A, zinc and copper can also cause problems, which can lead to poor immunity, impaired venous blood connection and, in some cases, stroke and diseases in blood system.
General utilization of new wheat grass juice, offers us numerous focal points and one of them is that you can ease off the development of silver hair and restore that officially silver hair to common shading.
The juice of wheat grass is additionally a magnificent blood chemical and serves to restore and recover the skin.
Step by step instructions to get the juice of wheat grass
Wheat grass can be planted without anyone else’s input, however you can purchase in wellbeing sustenance stores in new or dried structure.
The implantation of wheat grass-formula
This is just a proposition, be inventive…;

Put in a blender the following products:
-30 ml of wheatgrass juice
-measure of chopped fruit of your decision
-some lemon juice
-tablespoon honey
-some water
Drink this consistently 1-2 times and observe the condition of the color of their hair