Use Vodka And Banana For Straightening Your Hair

We all know how much damage the everyday use of iron or the chemicals for permanent hair straightening do to our hair. They make it appear unhealthy and unappealing.

However, you can try a few homemade treatments which are probably new to you, but have the same effect as the treatments that damage your hair.

Use Vodka And Banana For Straightening Your Hair


Eva Herzigova, a famous supermodel, has revealed her secret that she used vodka for lighting her hair. Moreover, this practice is also good for hair correction. You should just mix several drops of vodka in the conditioner and then apply it after washing your hair. Because of its low pH value, vodka can straighten your hair. Still, according to her recommendations, you should not use this mask that often.

Coconut oil

The coconut oil is an excellent solution especially for gentle hair turns, and it is very easy to apply. You should apply it while your hair is wet, and then comb it and dry it.


Put one celery in a blender and then add a little water. Then, put the mixture you will get in a bottle sprayer and spray it on your hair, leaving it work for about twenty minutes. After that, wash your hair regularly, using your regular shampoo.

Banana and papaya

These two tropical fruits are extremely beneficial when it comes to straightening your hair. You should mix a ripe banana, a papaya and two tablespoons of honey and make a mask you will leave on your hair for an hour. once the mask is totally dry, wash it using a shampoo.

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