Stress, a poor diet, experiencing thyroid problems or leaving the hands in water for a long period of time could cause someone’s nails to peel.
Stress or lack of sleep is the most common cause for this condition. There are good herbs that can help you relax the mind and body, and sleep better.


Sometimes the reason is more dangerous. Thyroid diseases are also causing problems regarding nail strength. If your condition is related to thyroids, you need to consult an endocrinologist for a prescription that corresponds for treating this illness.

A poor diet and a lack of calcium is a good reason why your nails peel.

Try to avoid consuming sodas, yerba mate, tea, coffee, etc. This product is blocking optimal absorption of this vital nutrient. You need to consume dairy, like milk, yogurt, cheese and also spinach, and all other leafy green vegetables.


Applying fake nails or filing it too much, using poor quality polishes or using too much formaldehyde, repeatedly drying your nails when they’re moist, removing fingernail polish with aggressive chemicals (acetone is also bad for the skin), or not waiting a day or two in between polishes – also could damage nail health.

Contact with chemical products, like disinfectants or cleaners, without using gloves, can cause this condition. Detergents, soaps and other products create skin irritation and can cause nails to peel, so try to avoid them.


Lack of hydration also can be the reason for this problem. We recommend consuming fruits, liquids (water and juices), and also vegetables, like tomatoes, to prevent the peeling.

After having been in contact for a long time with water (washing clothes by hand, washing a lot of dishes, bathing the kids etc.) use a moisturizing cream on your nails. Do this once a day, usually before going to bed.

We recommend talking to your doctor about this problem, but you could also treat it at home, or use preventive treatments. These are our advices:
– Avoid cutting or pulling off the layers of your nails so as to not further damage your nail.

– Use polishes that are specifically designed to prevent nails from peeling.

– Don’t use poor quality polishes, because they contain chemicals that are harmful to nails and that weaken them.

– Apply nail strengthener three times a week.

– Submerge your fingers in a bowl with water and apple cider vinegar for 3 minutes, twice a week.

– Use a special nail file and slowly rub over them, removing the flaky layers. Don’t do this very frequently because it will leave your nails very thin.

– Moisten a cotton ball with olive oil and rub it over your nails. This will moisturize them and seal the flakes.