Women Are Saying This Popular Hair Product Is Making Them Go Bald

Wen is a product for hair care and it is popular for its use of natural ingredients. The manufacturers pride themselves on the product’s ability to “replace your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler”.

Women Are Saying This Popular Hair Product Is Making Them Go Bald

The price is almost 30 pounds a bottle, but still, it is widely used by those who favor an organic and a holistic lifestyle.

After seeing this, we assume that they are wishing to have stuck with the chemicals. About 200 women or more sue the company that manufactures the Wen products, because after using them, they have experienced hair loss.

This is what a woman has posted on her Facebook profile, saying that she has become depressed because she cannot even leave her house. Her hair started falling, and she says that she blames the Wen shampoo and conditioner for her hair’s state. Namely, she claims that these products have blocked her pores and her hair has started falling. She asks for help and for lawyers that can help her sue the company. The photos she has posted explain the reason for her frustration and disappointment: she says that she cannot even look in the mirror and whenever she needs to go out, she must wear a baseball cap. She warns everyone in the world not to use Wen hair solution and other Wen products.


Even more and more photos appear.



The Wen Company denies that any of their products cause hair loss and they claim that there is lack of scientific evidence behind what these people say.

According to them, these people might have started losing their hair from various reasons, totally unrelated to Wen products for hair care.

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